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Nwipe was created out of my need to run the DBAN dwipe command outside of DBAN. This allows it to use any host distribution which gives better hardware support. It is essentially the same as dwipe, with a few changes:

  • pthreads is used instead of fork
  • The parted library is used to detect drives
  • The code is designed to be compiled with gcc

The following libraries are needed to compile it:

  • pthreads
  • ncurses
  • parted

Nwipe is included in Parted Magic if you wish to use from a live CD.

A lot still needs to be done - if you can assist please let me know (I do not have much time!):

  • Add device support to the command line
  • ATA erase command support
  • Add individual partition wiping support

I've also had these requests. I plan to implement when I get time, but by all means send me a patch:

  • Auto-resize of screen (for when running in a terminal in X)

For all downloads and forums please use the Sourceforge project pages.